Creative. Collector. Stylist. Retailer.

When I entered this world, my future was well and truly mapped out – I became a third generation Mathers, born into a well established and reputable retail family. Retail is in my blood. It’s my passion. And since being given a real cash register for my fourth birthday, it has been my obsession.

Opening my own shop at sixteen, having worked for myself for years as well as many others, I have developed a fondness for this wonderful world. I have become a bounty hunter, sourcing and collecting beautiful and unique pieces from near and far.

What gets me going? Incredible houses, dressed with exquisite furniture and home wares. Lush beautiful gardens, plants, antiques and everything in between. Anything and everything that lights you up, makes you feel warm inside and say, “Oh, em, gee… would you look at that!” I love attention to detail when it comes to presentation, out of the box gift ideas and dressing up the simple things to leave a lasting impression on anyone.

Jo Fraser

Over the years I have helped so many clients, family and friends to transform their dreams and desires into their reality, helping to put together their ‘look’. That little piece of something that is unique to them – styling their tables for dinner parties, wrapping their gifts so that the wrapping in itself is a gift, and styling their homes so they feel like they’re entering their own relaxing retreat after a hard days work. I am like that wine connoisseur that tells you all about the makeup of a certain wine when you have no idea what you’re looking at, but when you take that first sip you know it was the right choice. Did I mention I love a good Cab Sav?

So, there’s just one more thing you should know… I don’t settle for less than special. I source, ferret and hunt until I know I am onto a winner. Think of The Shop Front Collection as your gift emporium, taking your gift response from a simple thanks to “wow that is truly amazing”.

Are you looking for a great gift for your mother-in-law? Are you after something unique for a boy’s 21st birthday? Are you a Real Estate Agent looking for a settlement gift that’s more than a bottle of champagne and a key ring? You’ve found your solution. And not to mention, I believe in good old fashion service. I like to receive it and I like to get it, right down to the quality of the wrapping paper and the promptness of delivery.

So in this hectic world, where we are all time poor… save your time and do what you’re good at, and leave your next-level gift to me, because that’s what I am good at.

Welcome to The Shop Front Collection!